Live Scholarship Course on 3/11/2021

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Join me as I teach the exact process for how I won over $50,000 in grants and scholarships – glory be to God! In this exclusive Zoom class you will learn:
πŸŽ“ Where to find relevant, obtainable scholarships
πŸŽ“How to effectively use Google and scholarship websites during your search
πŸŽ“ How to write appeal letters to financial aid
πŸŽ“How to win state and federal school grants
πŸŽ“How to navigate scholarship season
πŸŽ“How to present yourself as a professional to the scholarship judges
πŸŽ“How to get money for master’s and PhD degrees
+ much more!
Moreover, you will receive:
βœ…A free, editable workbook
βœ…Access to my private scholarship Facebook group where I post scholarships, interviews with others who have also graduated debt-free, and additional training
βœ…Exclusive discounts for my other courses
So, what are you waiting for? If you want the keys to graduating without a penny in student loans, smash the link below!

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$159.00 $119.00